Natures the best medicine

Results are encouraging

Dealing with our unfortunate shih tzu girl Sacha has been sad of late and it is fairly clear that with her weight loss she likely has stage 4 cancer. The vet was fully booked today and I explained that she had not been eating for several days after losing 2 kg between visits a few months ago.
Explaining that I want to discontinue her antibiotics and pain medications which she disliked and just giving her the CBD medication purchased from a local pet store. She seems to like the salmon flavour.

Analysis and further testing

This is kind of an interesting group of titles chosen for me by this sites developer Laura at Octopus Red.
Many people’s pets suffer at the end of their lives. because vets medicines can be effective but fairly expensive.
At $35 Cdn a small bottle at Ruffins CBD extract is a safe solution for pets in pain.

A sad result

Sacha was calm on Saturday night and not in any distress although still not eating and not drinking since this morning.
We are giving her an eyedropper full of pet’s CBD oil extract every 8 hours. As I continue this text Sunday morning Sacha had a bit of a whining painful night so she was given a stronger oral syringe full of pain medication and small squirts of water in her mouth. She passed early this morning peacefully at home.

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